How to Setup Roku Wi-Fi

With the connection of WI-FI, we can avail the services of the Roku device at the first go. So in order to get all the services of ROKU we need to setup the Roku device with internet services. Also even if we want to connect it simply to our TV then we have to connect it to the internet or the Wi-Fi. There are few steps to initiate the Wi-Fi setup of Roku. This is a streaming media player that used for watching videos by the users. Roku allows us to watch movies with our family, friends, and relatives and provides us the best privacy so that one can be comfortable in all the cases. This can be either connected to your TV or the internet and therefore one can watch movies immediately. Roku is that one device on which one can get the features of APPLE TV or WDTV LIVE media player all in one go. Roku takes the video content from the internet and displays the content on the user’s device. It has six different forms. Each has its own different features and have various differences in performance. The performance of each model varies from one and another. Roku supports 3000+ streaming channels like BBC PLAYER, YOU TUBE, VEVO, HULU, etc. all can be searched on Roku channel store.

It is the same as the DVD players for watching videos but the only difference is that it gets its data from the internet server and displays it on the TV so that every customer should be satisfied and happy.

Roku Setup for Wi-Fi Connectivity:

  1. Please turn on your TV and tune into the specified HDMI input which is very important that you should be very careful about HDMI input cable, it is the main connection through which we can make a connection to the Roku device with TV.
  2. After the above step, power on the TV to start the whole process of Wi-Fi setup.
  3. The next step is to select the options from the Roku screen. Now select Settings > Network > Wireless (Wi-Fi) > Set up the new Wi-Fi connection and then choose the settings option of the device then after choosing the network of the device in which network we want to connect our device to our TV. After this step, select the wireless option to do the setup of Wi-Fi on the device.
  4. There will be a window that displays the list of all the wireless networks. Now the users can select the specified wireless network in order to proceed.
  5. After you have selected the wireless window, enter the password of the wireless connection in it. For the network security and data theft on the network, they are always protected with the help of a Wi-Fi password.
  6. After all the above steps of the wireless connection, there will be 3 green check marks which will show and indicate that Roku setup is successful. Hence by all the above steps, it becomes easy to setup the WI-FI and use the Roku services with complete satisfaction.

These are the steps to follow to re-connect the Roku device with your home network. Hopefully, this will help you in your trouble. This seems a simple procedure to complete but in case if you don’t have your home network credentials than it could be complicated. Therefore, feel free to contact Roku support through various ways such as via an online live chat or by calling on the toll free Roku support number. Roku provides 24/7 support services for technical as well as account related queries.

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