Wi-Fi Sonos Speakers Technical Issues: Troubleshooting Steps

when talking about the speakers the most popular name that comes to my ears is Sonos. In a very small tenure, Sonos has managed to build a Reputation that is very hard to forget. Sonos has also launched the smart speakers that work with the digital assistants like Alexa. it also Sonos support music from different music streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Apple music. Sonos know what actually a customer needs like from the high-quality audio to its smart and sleek design that can fit into any room.

Looking onto the technical aspects of the Sonos, Sonos works on the wireless technology that allows all of its speakers to communicate with each other and along with the controller as well. We will help you out If you are getting some troubleshooting wifi issues of Sonos speaker and if you have any query, you get Sonos Speakers technical support.

Firstly we need to connect a single Sonos speaker to the same network to which your computer or phone is connected. Now a secure connection between the Sonos speaker and the controller has been created. Now once the secure connection has been established you will be able to play your music and other content on the speakers.

But as said sometimes everything is not that easy, sometimes we face many issues while setting it up with the wireless, let us have a look at all the possible situations along with their solutions.

  • One of the most common issues is that when your speakers and the controller doesn’t communicate with each other the problem could be that both the devices are connected to the different Wi-Fi so in that case, all you need to do is to connect them with the same network.
  • The next issue is that if you have a full connectivity but poor signals in that way what you need to do is place your speakers near your router and if the situation still persists then try contacting the Internet service provider.
  • Sometimes what you need to do is to place the speakers at a very far distance but the connectivity doesn’t support in that way what you could do is you can connect a device called Sonos Boost to your Router.
  • Another issue is the non-connectivity of the Wi-Fi. If you face this issue then what you could do is to connect your Sonos directly to your Router.
  • When we connect to Sonos speakers to the Router then it automatically receives an IP address but some routers come with an advances security features called MMC Filtering Which stops the router from sending IP Address. In order to overcome this situation, you can add the MAC address of your speakers manually to your Router or you could also call Sonos Speakers Tech Support on their Helpdesk.

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